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Private Vietnam Tours is a Vietnam-based tour operator and we work closely with our partnered travel agents , tour companies and travel agencies in designing and operating tours, travel itineraries, holiday & vacation packages suitable for different markets of each of you. Under no circumstances, shall Private Vietnam Tours disclose details of our partnered travel agents, our partnered travel agencies or tour companies or the pricings to another party. For this reason, if you own a travel agency or a tour company and would like to establish business co-ordination with Private Vietnam Tours, please kindly know that we can not provide you with any details of our other partnered travel agents/travel agencies/tour companies for any purposes including those for references.

Private Vietnam Tours takes it for granted that all our partnered travel agents/travel agencies/tour companies are run by professional travel experts and they know how good Private Vietnam Tours is as a local tour operator by our expertise and professionalism in the travel and tourism business.

While operating tours sold by our travel agents and travel agencies, we understand the courtesy of promoting the travel agent's and the travel agency's brand, so that we won't make the travellers confused in a "forest of many brands". Private Vietnam Tours also takes it for granted that our partnered travel agents/travel agencies/tour companies have their own marketing strategies and own the marketing materials themselves and that Private Vietnam Tours only assist with operating the local services. Private Vietnam Tours is not responsible for providing our travel business partners with marketing materials such as the photos, the wording of itineraries... Private Vietnam Tours do assist our partners in obtaining photos of hotels, junks, boats, trains...which are provided by the respective service providers for promoting the related services. Private Vietnam Tours is licensed to use exclusively a large amount of marketing materials including graphics, photos, wordings of travel itineraries and travel writings, but we are not allowed to pass on the right to use those materials to another party.

Private Vietnam Tours exercises special pricing policy as well as sharing sensitive information related to the travel and tourism industry in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia to our partnered travel agents and our partnered travel agencies.

Private Vietnam Tours keeps it clear in mind to maintain our sincerity and integrity towards our partners.