Laos Adventure Travel

Laos Adventure Travel

Laos Adventure Travel is aimed at exotic experiences of Laos pristine nature and intact culture. Our collection features adventure accommodation, itineraries, destinations and tour pace. Laos Adventure Travel should be the choice for the adventurers who would like to engage into Laos's daily lifestyle and who would like to follow off-the-beaten tracks in Laos...

Laos Heritage

Laos Royal Museum

Laos Heritage is our tour designed for the adventure travellers to discover the ancient laos heritages from the northern area to the southern point. The pace of the trip is moderate. The accommodation is basic due to the local conditions.

Laos Discovery

Luang Prabang Street

Laos Discovery is designed for our adventure travellers to explore the chaste beauty of Laos in 12 days/11 nights. We'll start from the charming capital city of Vientiane, explore the southern area of the country with scenic natural beauty, enjoy the mysterious Plain of Jars and have leisure time on our own in the Royal Capital of Luang Prabang. Accommodation for the tour is standard and adventure due to local conditions. Laos Discovery is the choice of those who would like to adventure through the fresh nature and the colorful culture of Laos.

Laos Explorer

Reclining Buddha in Vientiane

Laos Explorer is our soft adventure and luxury tour taking in the highlights of Laos in both the northern and southern regions including the Royal Capital City of Luang Prabang, the capital city of Vientiane and the southern tourist attraction of Champasak with Wat Phou Cruise to the 4000 islands and Khong Pha Peng waterfall, “Niagra of the East”.