Laos Group Travel

Monks in Luang Prabang

Laos Group Travel

Laos Group Travel is dedicated to the travellers who want to travel in group and who want to share your trip to Laos with like-minded travellers. Joining our group tours, you can share your accommodation with another traveller if you are willing; otherwise you'll have your own accommodation throughout the tour...

Laos Essential

Laos architecture

Laos Essential covers the major highlights of Laos. We'll start from Vientiane and enjoy the scenic drive through Vang Vieng backwater and Luang Prabang - the former Royal Capital. The tour pace is moderate and accommodation is at a boutique hotel at each destination. Laos Essential is designed to take in the bests of tranquil Laos with the leisure-paced life and the warm-hearted people.