Boat trip on the Mekong River


Wildlife and Eco-tourism
Laos possesses large areas of forests with rich wildlife and fresh nature with mountains, karst formations and scenic rivers. The only downside is that tourism in Laos is still in its infancy. And there is  lack of adequate tourism infrastructure such as accommodation, proper roads, adequate emergency evacuation facilities...Also in many areas, unexploded ordnances still pose serious threats to the travellers. So if you plan a trip to Laos, especially an adventure tour or a journey involving less-travelled routes, you should check information carefully before departure.

Hiking and Trekking
Laos is a country of uneven terrains, most of the country is covered with forests and there are plenty of places you can go on trekking and hiking adventures. If you do it independently, then you should consider checking information related to the trekking/hiking routes, accommodation, food before departure.

Also a foreign travellers venturing alone in some areas in Laos is not clearly forbidden by the Lao authorities, but it is not officially allowed either. To avoid all the possible hassles, it's always better to check with the Lao Embassy before proceeding with your trip. Normally it's much easier to have your trip arranged through a local tour operator or travel agent who will do all necessary work with the authorities.

Cycling and Mountain Biking
Laos's traffic is quiet and it's nothing compared to neighboring Thailand or Vietnam. This definitely makes the country an ideal place for cycling or motorbiking. Countryside back-road cycling can easily be done anywhere in Laos provided you do it within a day.

If you plan have a biking trip through Laos, then you prepare yourself with a good bike designed for rough conditions. Also taking a hardcore biking adventure through Laos, you are to face staying overnight in camps or in a remote village if you are lucky to find one, lack of hot food and drinking water on the track. In many areas, the roads in its meaning don't exist; some other areas have roads in the dry seasons, but not in the rainy one. If your biking adventure is arranged by a local travel agent or tour operator, then normally all is prepared including a support vehicle.
The criss-cross systems of rivers and streams in Laos offer big potential for water recreational activities. Still Laos don't have all those sports equipments and you should be ready bring your own.

The rivers and streams in the north and the south tend to be ideal for easy boating while those along the Annamite Chain can be rugged and pose lots of dangers of steep falls and hidden rocks.