Passports & Visas
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Passports & Visas

All visitors and travellers to Laos must possess a passport with validity of at least 6 months after entry and an appropriate visa, except for those who come from a country which has bi-lateral agreements with Laos on visa exemption.

Visas for Laos can be obtained at a Lao Embassy or issued upon arrival in Laos at some of Laos' international ports. Visas issued upon arrival are not available at all border crossings. At border crossings where visas on arrival are available, the visitor must have 2 passport-sized photos and a stamping fee of USD 30 in cash is required upon visa issuance.

There are different types of visas for Laos. All Laos visas must be used within 2 months from the  date of issuance.

Transit visas: maximum 5-day stay in Vientiane only. Proof of entry visa and air ticket for the third country is required.
Tourist visas: a 15-day tourist visa is non-extendable and a 30-day tourist visa can be extended once for the maximum of 2 additional months. Visa issued upon arrival is valid for a 15-day stay only.
Business visas: for the purpose of doing business in Laos. Business visas are for single entry and can be extended until completion of business. Business visas can only be issued with authorization/approval of the Lao involved authority regarding the business of the applicant.

Multiple-entry visas for Laos are available at Laos' Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Laos' Consular Department only.

Foreigners who overstay in Laos risk being arrested and/or deportation, and shall be fined $5 for each day of overstay.