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Xieng Khuang

Xieng Khuang lies on Laos eastern border, bounded to the north and north-east by Hua Phan, to the north and north-west by Luang Prabang, to the east by Vietnam, to the south by Bolikhamsai, to the south-east by Vientiane and Saisombun.

Xieng Khuang is known for its rugged mountains and karst formations, the nice climate and the mysterious Plain of Jars.

Phonsavan which is located in the centre of Xieng Khuang, at the elevation of around 1,200m is the capital of the province. Just near Phonsavan is the Plain of Jars which is scattered with hundred of Jars of unknown origin extending from south-west to north-east of Phonsavan. Phonsavan is 360km from Vientiane, 210km from Vang Vieng and 200 km from Luang Phabang.

Xieng Khuang was among the most heavily bombed areas of Laos, much of the province was devastated during the war between 1964 – 1973. The most visible evidence left is the pockmarked bomb craters around the province. Xieng Khuang was also the site of major ground battles during the war and there are still unexploded ordnances left in the ground. The travellers should exercise caution when exploring the Plain of Jars. In no circumstances should you leave the well-trodden paths.