Cultural colours of Lac Son district

Cultural colours of Lac Son district


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Vietnam holiday packages. Lac Son district, an ancient land also called Muong Van is one of four major areas of Muong people in Hoa Binh province. There are nearly 140.000 people living in the region, of which 90 percent belongs to Muong ethnic minority group. Living standard of local people has improved a lot, many big houses are built in the township, modern transports such as motorbikes, cars and internet access are available in all villages. However most people in Lac Son still live in the wooden house as hundreds of years ago, since the wood in the forest is limited people built concrete pillars and make stilt house in new style, spacious, clean and beautiful and still keep the traditional definition.

After days of hard labor on rice fields, people of Muong Vang converge on the center of culture and organize cultural activities, the sounds of Gong go up in combination with folk songs and gentle dances of mothers and sisters, make the village feel like in a festival. Mr Bui Thien Van, bachelor of culture, head of the Muong Vang cultural center said "Lac Son is the only district in Hoa Binh province establish a culture center in 1999, The Muong Van centre was born to gather folk artists, discover and nourish young talents and promote cultural and art activities in the villages of the region, help promote tourism in the area and province, since it's establishment, Muong Vang centre has attracted many people. In addition to regular collective activities on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays, members of the centre organized mobile propaganda movements in the densely populated areas in the province such as markets, parks and gardens with diversified contents like building cultural village, cultural family, demonstrating examples of good people - good work on the prevention of evils in the society"

Hoa Binh is a mountainous province, located 70 km from capital city Hanoi, Hoa Binh is inhabited by some ethnic groups White and Black Thai people in Mai Chau, Hmong, Muong peoples...For a long time Mai Chau is an attractive destination for travellers on Vietnam tours and are interested in culture and eco tourism, other travel activities such as homestay in village, trekking trips are very popular with active travellers.

In the coming time, Lac Son district continues to work out well socialization activities, mobilize investment resources for the construction and development of culture, literary, artistic, raising the quality of life and helps shape orientation for young generations of Muong Vang.

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