Phu Quoc implements tourism promotion

Phu Quoc implements tourism promotion

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Phu Quoc island district in collaboration with the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Kien Giang province organized a meeting between tour companies and travel services in the district to discuss solutions to reduce service tariffs, implementing tourism stimulus program in 2014, the program is an initiative of the Kien Giang tourism industry after electricity prices fell at the same as in the mainland, Vietnam travel information.

Tourism promotion program of Phu Quoc in 2014 focuses on: To attract domestic and international tourists, sales discounts in the low season, enhance tourism promotion of Kien Giang, deploy activities in order to improve the quality of services.

Initially, the district has encouraged businesses and enterprises operating in travel service, accommodation, catering, shopping, transportation to open policies to reduce the price of products and services, especially for enterprises in Phu Quoc, promotion policies to reduce prices by 10-15 % for each form of their own business, but still keep the quality of services, especially in low season. Response time for the promotion package is from April to December 2014.

In addition, the Phu Quoc tourism promotion program has also focused on ensuring the safety of visitors by having the local businesses and enterprises, hotels, beach motels have teamed up to establish the rescue force on the beach in the form of socialization.

The tour operators take absolutely no visitors on the beach when the weather is bad, tourist modes of transport must ensure the standards prescribed by law for transportation and tourism, businesses renting motorbikes for self ride visitors should be interested in strictly implement the provisions of traffic law.

At the meeting, the travel service businesses in the district aimed at discussing issues that concerns the enterprises over conditions for the business to implement promotion program, particularly how to lower the cost of the travel services and safety for tourists to Phu Quoc.

Mr. Huynh Quang Hung - Vice Chairman of Phu Quoc Island district said that Phu Quoc has been an attractive destination of tourists in the country, so in the business activities of facility services in the area districts need to pay attention to safety, security and order, food safety and hygiene for visitors.

Hung said after the meeting Phu Quoc will establish inspection team controling price of businesses in the area to gradually put into place. At the same time the local authorities encourages the businesses to plan solutions and consensus on the issue of reducing the cost of service, which helps create the image of Phu Quoc as a safe and fascinating destinations for visitors the country and overseas.

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