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Thai people hold New Rice Festival

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Kin Lau Khau Mau, known as Thanksgiving or New Rice Festival of the ethnic Thai people, will be held tomorrow. The event will take place in Muong So Commune in Lai Chau Province's Phong Tho District. Vietnam tours from Europe

The annual festival is an occasion for ethnic Thai to give thanks for a bumper harvest and a chance for boys and girls to meet each other.

Highlights at the festival include cutting young paddy to make green rice flakes as an offering to the gods of water, land and sky.

The festival has folk games like nem con (a con, a colourful fabric ball, is thrown through a ring hung on a 15-20 m high bamboo pole) and tug of war.

Visitors are invited to eat green rice flakes and other traditional Thai dishes such as grilled stream fish and sticky rice

Source: Vietnam news.