Walking street opened in Tien Yen district

Walking street opened in Tien Yen district


In early August, Tien Yen district put a walking street (including two blocks of Ly Thuong Kiet and Hoa Binh streets in Tien Yen town) into operation. With the areas for folk culture - Tien Yen market - Cuisine, walking street is carried out with the theme "old spirit, old features" in order to celebrate the cultural and sports week of ethnic groups in northeastern Quang Ninh province for the first time. Private tours in Vietnam

Since the launch, Tien Yen walking street have become a destination not only of Tien Yen people but also of neighboring provinces. Mr. Pham Hong Cu from Mong Duong ward, Cam Pha town said: "My wife and I went 30km here to try and enjoy free feeling of walking on the street. It's also a walk, but here we find ourselves safe in the street, not the car horn, not startled by the shouting behind. In general, we are comfortable striding without having to worry about traffic accidents. We can visit somewhere to enjoy street food."

During the days of the Culture and Sports week of ethnic groups in the Northeast, in the walking street of Tien Yen there are cultural activities, performances, sports such as Stick Push, walking on stilts, jumping rope, various types of weaving, knitting, painting, drinking tea, watching flowers, display pictures. Along with that is the food area with local products of Tien Yen such as Dong Rui potatoes, sea duck eggs from Dong Rui, Tien Yen honey...At the outdoor stage on the walking street, I met a Dzao woman, singing 2 songs although her Vietnamese language was still slightly unfluent, but she said, "I don't sing well however I still sing, if the stage is only for singers, how can it be called walking street anymore. The other game too, who wants to participate?"

Dinh Vien, Vice Chairman of Tien Yen Art and Culture Association, said: "It can be said that all Tien Yen people like the walking street, but if it only lasts in the culture week of the Northeast and then finish, it is regrettable. We artists are willing to do what we can in order to maintain the walking street. In my opinion, the walking street should be maintained under the theme of "Week of Children", "Week of the Youth", "Elderly Week"...I am an elderly person, "We can hold a chess game, first to unite the teams from Tien Yen and then exchange with other localities".

Talking with us, Nguyen The Nam, Chairman of Tien Yen Town People's Committee, said: "After the walking street, we noticed that walking street was not just walking, Other activities are also promoted and developed such as selling and consuming local products of Tien Yen district. Also from the walking street will develop better folk singing clubs, from children to old people find their own playground. Therefore, after the Culture and Sports Week of the Northeast, we still maintain the walking street on Saturday and Sunday nights. The town's functional units are willing to take part in the organization of the activity, and the town's Youth League maintains activities such as tug-of-war, push-sticks, jumping...The town has 6 folk singing clubs willing to join voluntarily. I think the Tien Yen walking street will be successful.".