10 cool destinations for summer holidays in north Vietnam

10 cool destinations for summer holidays in north Vietnam

Hanoi these days is hot like an oven, as a lover of travel I'll tell you guys cool places outside Hanoi in order to avoid the heat. Cool places, of course, must have an absolute altitude of 800m or more higher than Hanoi for the temperature to be low. Places with a lot of trees but low are still hot, just a little bit cooler...Private Vietnam tours
Ba Vi National Park
1. Ba Vi National Park
First place I want to mention is Ba Vi National Park, about 60km from Hanoi, you drive along Lang - Hoa Lac road, pass Yen Bai to Ba Vi and then ask for the way to the National Park. After buying the entrance ticket, you follow the path leading to the top, through cos 400, up to cos 600, it starts to cool, and up to cos 1100 at the top, it's very cool, on this there are 2 temples, Thuong temple worshiping Saint Tan Vien and the other is Ho Chi Minh's temple. In the National Park, there is a high-class resort called Melia Ba Vi at cos 400. Vietnam family vacations

Tam Dao mountain
2. Tam Dao mountain
The second is Tam Dao mountain, Tam Dao town is about 80km from Hanoi in Vinh Phuc province. If you cross Thang Long bridge to Noi Bai, you will turn to National Highway 2 to go near Vinh Yen city, you will have a way to turn to Tam Dao. Tam Dao town is located at an altitude of 800m above sea level, the temperature is 5-7 degrees lower than Hanoi, so it is quite cool. Tam Dao is very busy now, hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops are everywhere and the prices are quite expensive. Those who like to exercise can climb the TV tower about 1000 steps or go trekking into the Tam Dao national park. Vietnam adventures

Moc Chau plateau
3. Moc Chau plateau
The third place I want to mentioned is Moc Chau plateau of Son La province, 160km from Hanoi, located on the National Highway 6 from Hanoi to Hoa Binh, Son La and then to Dien Bien. Moc Chau Plateau has an average altitude of about 1000m, so the temperature is quite cool, especially with many waterfalls, caves, tea hills, so it is also an attractive tourist destination.

Suoi Giang
4. Suoi Giang
The fourth is Suoi Giang tea land in Van Chan district of Yen Bai province. Suoi Giang is located on highway 32, going close to Nghia Lo, there is a way to turn to Suoi Giang, 1400m above sea level, so the temperature is also very cool, here you will have homestays to spend the night, enjoy local food and especially enjoy the famous kinds of tea of this land.

Mau Son mountain
5. Mau Son mountain
Mau Son mountain is located in Loc Binh district of Lang Son province, about 180km from Hanoi, is a tourist area discovered by the French but long forgotten. Mau Son is one of the rare places with snow in Vietnam in winter, so the summer is very cool. The downside of Mau Son is that tourism is not very developed, there are few services and places to keep visitors stay.

Ta Xua
6. Ta Xua
Ta Xua cloud paradise in Bac Yen district, Son La province, you also follow Highway 32 to Thu Cuc junction, turn left along Highway 37 to go to Phu Yen, Bac Yen, climb 15km uphill Ta Xua (total distance from Hanoi to Ta Xua is more than 200km). Ta Xua is a highland commune (1500m above sea level) with mountainous terrain surrounding the valley, so it is easy to see the sea of clouds floating at your feet. The temperature of Ta Xua is cool all year round, rarely up to 30 degrees, at night it is only 11-12 degrees even in the middle of summer, so you have to cover it with a blanket. Ta Xua also has many homestays

Sapa misty land
7. Sapa misty land
Sapa is too famous isn't it, located 1500m above the sea level, Sapa is very cool, especially this town is cloudy and rainy, no need to introduce much. Sapa is 340km from Hanoi

Y Ty
8. Y Ty
Y Ty is a plateau in Bat Xat district of Lao Cai province, which is likened to the second Sapa because of its similar climate and terrain. To get to Y Ty, you can go to Lao Cai city and then follow Ban Vuoc - Muong Hum road for another 80km or go to Sapa and then go to Ban Xeo - Ta Giang Phinh - Muong Hum road. Y Ty is much wilder than Sapa, so it is suitable for those who like to be quiet and explore.

Phia Den, Phia Oac National Park
9. Phia Den, Phia Oac National Park
This national park is in Nguyen Binh district of Cao Bang province, about 70km from Cao Bang town, the top of Phia Oac is nearly 2000m high and the national park is also located at an altitude of over 1000m. Tourism has not developed much. There's only a Kolia Organic Farm to stay

Sin Ho
10. Sin Ho
The furthest place, 500km from Hanoi for those who like to explore is the Sin Ho plateau of Lai Chau province, Sin Ho is also about 1500m high, the weather is like Sapa but less rain. The road is quite far away and tourism is not yet developed.