Attractive places near Hanoi that you may not know

Attractive places near Hanoi that you may not know

You are living or working in Hanoi or some neighboring provinces and want to plan a trip with friends. However, if you have not found a place that meets your requirements of being beautiful, cheap and convenient, you will surely be satisfied with the places that we will introduce shortly. Let's go together to find out to choose, Vietnam family tours.

1 - Ba Vi National Park
Ba Vi National Park is located in Tan Linh mountain - Ba Vi - Hanoi, about 50km west of Hanoi with majestic mountain scenery, cool fresh climate and rich and diverse vegetation, remind of the legend of Son Tinh - Thuy Tinh, sacred and poetic.
Ba Vi National Park
Coming Ba Vi National Park, you will witness a high mountain mass with 3 peaks with the name "Ba Vi", which is King Peak 1,296m high, Tan Vien peak 1,227m high and Tan Hoa peak 1,131m high. In the middle of the mountain, there are many waterfalls pouring down day and night, forming must-see attractions such as Khoang Xanh, King Pond, Thac Nga, Suoi Ngoc,... All create a perfect picture of nature. .

You can choose a motorbike for convenient travel as well as being active in the journey, freely exploring the wonderful scenery of nature. Especially with about 1,209 species of plants plus 63 species of "rare" animals recorded in the Red Book of Vietnam, this is sure to be a place that makes you feel overwhelmed.

After enjoying the sightseeing places, you can go to the top of Ba Vi - where there are historical values, Uncle Ho's temple, visit the ancestral church and feel more deeply about the touching love between Son Tinh and Princess Ngoc Hoa.

2 - Tam Dao mountain
Tam Dao is located in Vinh Phuc province, about 80km from Hanoi, including 50km along National Highway 2 and about 24km along National Highway 2B plus 13km of pass road. This place is endowed by nature with the majestic beauty of the mountains and forests, the vast green vegetable gardens full of the soul of the countryside.
Tam Dao mountain
The climate here is excellent, cool all year round. The average temperature is around 18-25 degrees. This is a very ideal tourist place with the feeling of 4 seasons rotating in 1 day. Coming to Tam Dao you will feel the freshness of nature and the gentleness of each breath.

Once you set foot on the top of Tam Dao , you will have the feeling of a winner, everything seems to be under your feet, the feeling of chilling right in the middle of summer. Below is the majesty of nature creating a rare sight.

Coming here, besides conquering Tam Dao peak, you can visit some famous places such as Ba Chua Thuong Ngan temple, Silver waterfall, Duc Thanh Tran temple, Tam Dao ancient church,... And don't forget to enjoy the local specialties before you leave.

3 - Thung Nai
Thung Nai is located 100km northwest of Hanoi, this place is known as Halong bay in the heart of Hoa Binh, with charming mountains and cool climate.
Thung Nai
Coming to Thung Nai, you will see a lot of beautiful scenery because when Hoa Binh hydroelectricity was completed, the water of the Da River flooded the valleys halfway up the mountain peaks, creating very wonderful small islands, along with ancient relics. Ancient cultural relics will bring you interesting experiences.

This will definitely be an ideal tourist destination, you can also participate in fishing activities to visit the Da river lake bed, go to Thac Bo floating market, Dua island, crow island, visit Muong village at night, you can rent a boat to the river to feel the unique features of the shimmering and fanciful scenery at night. The night fog spreads, the moon is dim, the lake is fragile, the mist floating in the mountains makes people feel like they are on a floating place.

4 - Nui Coc lake
Nui Coc lake is located about 100km from Hanoi, 15km from Thai Nguyen city to the southwest, the lake is located in the middle of an interesting natural landscape with a lovely cool climate. The lake is vast with about 89 large and small islands such as green forest islands, islands inhabited by storks, some islands are home to goats, Cai mountain island where ancient cultural features are kept, etc. .
Nui Coc lake
Here you can take a cruise around the islands, have fun at water parks or visit Tan Cuong tea hill, make campfires and enjoy interesting specialties here. Especially, the most attractive feature is taking a boat to fully explore the magnificent and poetic scenery that captivates people's hearts that Nui Coc lake brings, Ha giang tour.

5 - Quan Son Lake
Quan Son Lake Tourist Area is about 50km from the center of Hanoi in the territory of 5 communes of My Duc district - Hanoi. This place is very beautiful by the mixture of limestone mountains by the lake and extremely rich vegetation.
Quan Son Lake
Especially in the lotus blooming season, you will admire the lotus gardens filled with the lake surface like beautiful pictures of nature bestowed with romance and attraction, which will surely bring you indescribable emotions. , floating in joy.

Quan Son Lake also owns nearly 20 large and small mountains stretching around the steep cliffs located in the middle of the lake, you can also go on boat excursions, play water sports and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Delicious seafood dishes with bold flavor of the river.

6 - Bang Ta natural forest tourist site
Bang Ta Natural Forest is about 65km west of Hanoi, 14km from Ao Vua. Here you can visit the village of Muong ethnic group, spend the night in stilt houses to feel the uniqueness that it brings.
Bang Ta natural forest tourist site
Here you can rent a ox-drawn cart, ride a horse or walk, note that other types of engines are not allowed. With a fresh and pleasant natural atmosphere, you can freely roam with beloved animals and enjoy the delicious dishes of the mountains, participate in lively cultural activities such as campfire, drink Can wine, listen to folk songs and dances,...

The forest also hides wonderful flower gardens such as orchids, fragrant herbs and green meadows stretching like attractive carpets, which are very suitable for entertainment.

7 - Dong Mo Ecotourism site
Dong Mo Ecotourism Area, about 40km to the west of Hanoi, is an ideal tourist destination with a beautiful space of 1,200 hectares of lake surface area and 21 large and small islands and many types of unique tourism.
Dong Mo Ecotourism site
Coming here, you can visit the lake bed to admire the majestic mountains, charming mountains, fishing services, and ethnic cuisine. With rows of houses on stilts and many different kinds of fruit trees serving visitors on-site. Along with a lot of entertainment and enjoy the food.

8 - Dai Lai Lake
Dai Lai Lake is only about 40km from Hanoi, located in Vinh Phuc province. The lake is 525 hectares wide, interspersed with green forests, valleys and hills, and many canyons protrude to form very wild and mysterious peninsulas.
Dai Lai Lake
Coming to Dai Lai, you will feel the cool breezes blowing from three sides of the lake, creating a feeling of serenity and comfort that is rarely found anywhere else. The surface of the blue lake looks very eye-catching, if you pay attention a little, you can see from afar the beautiful temples in Tam Dao, above is the Lizard hill associated with many war vestiges. again.

Here you can participate in many activities of boating, damming, going to the islands to visit, especially Co island with wild and mysterious beauty and don't forget to miss the specialty buffalo meat here.

9 - Thanh Thuy hot mineral resort
Thanh Thuy hot mineral resort is only about 70km from Hanoi in La Phu commune, Thanh Thuy district, Phu Tho province. With beautiful spatial landscape and extremely attractive mineral bathing spots in the village.
Thanh Thuy hot mineral resort
This place is extremely suitable for convalescence as well as relaxation after a tiring working time, there is nothing better than soaking in the pleasant water. Especially, Thanh Thuy hot spring also contains elements that are very beneficial for bones and joints and has a good effect on skin diseases. In addition, it also helps to promote circulation, blood circulation to bring you healthy and beautiful skin, if you have time, come and enjoy.

10 - Ham Lon Mountain
Ham Lon Mountain is no longer a strange name when the "photographers" mention the backpacking destinations near Hanoi. Following the Thang Long - Noi Bai highway towards Vinh Phuc, it took just over an hour for you to arrive at this tourist destination. Located in the Doc Ton - Soc Son mountain range, with an altitude of about 462m, Ham Lon is a challenging mountain for backpackers.
Ham Lon Mountain
In Ham Lon, you can completely camp overnight by the vast Nui Bau lake at the foot of the mountain. The mountain air is cool and the lake breeze blows in, so even though the weather is hot, Ham Lon is always cool and fresh. In addition, with a cheap price, Ham Lon is the top tourist destination near Hanoi that many student groups choose.

11 - Ban Rom eco-tourism site
Ban Rom is located in Quang Tien commune - Soc Son - Hanoi, just over 1 hour from the center of Hanoi city by motorbike or car, young people can immerse themselves in the space of the forest and mountains Lots of fun games. With a spacious space at the foot of coniferous pine forests, cool, fresh and peaceful air, Ban Rom makes many people cling to this place, Sai gon tour.
Ban Rom eco-tourism site
With lovely scenes such as royal garden, farmer's house, experimental vegetable garden, country market, livestock farm, there is also Fairy Stream, camping area, fairy garden in Ban Rom tourist area. brings you many new feelings, waiting for you to come and explore.

The above are extremely attractive tourist destinations around Hanoi if you have a need, go to one of these places to enjoy the fun that it brings, it will definitely bring you great experiences.