Camping by the Boi river of Hoa Binh

Camping by the Boi river of Hoa Binh

80km from Hanoi, Boi River with peaceful natural beauty is an extremely attractive camping site away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Boi River

Boi River is a river flowing through 2 provinces of Hoa Binh and Ninh Binh, the river is the main branch that flows into the Hoang Long River, so it is sometimes called the Hoang Long River. There are 2 sources of mineral water flowing into the upstream and downstream of Boi River, Kim Boi mineral water (Hoa Binh and Kenh Ga mineral water (Ninh Binh).In recent years, Boi River has become a favorite camping spot for many families, Vietnam travel.
Camping site in Hoa Binh province

How to get there?
To get to the Boi River, from the center of Hanoi, ride in the direction of Hoa Lac or Van Dinh or Phap Van. The road to the stream is very easy to go about 1km from the main road, even cars can reach the riverside. The favorite spot, used for camping, is the river section of Na Bo village, Sao Bay commune, Kim Boi district, Hoa Binh province, Private Vietnam tours.
Camping place in Hoa Binh province

Arriving at this part of the river, you can set up tables and chairs to enjoy the view in the middle of the river. The advantage of this place is that the space is very beautiful with green trees, undulating hills, clear water, very shallow as it is the beginning for the river source. Little children can also come to play. In the river there are many rocks and large gravel, so parents should bring plastic boots and shoes so that their children won't hurt their feet when walking in the river, Vietnam family vacations.
Best camping site near Hanoi

The riverbank is spacious and has a green lawn that is very suitable for camping. You should prepare an alcohol stove (to cook noodles / cook coffee / make beefsteak). Or bring a charcoal stove (but it takes long to burn it). In addition, to add more fun, the group members can go and collect firewood to grill the general, if you have a fire, you can still make a meal. On the way there, we can stop at the market in Ben - Tot Dong hamlet, where you can buy fruits, potatoes of all kinds. Water should buy in a large container, Vietnam adventure.
Beautiful place in Hoa Binh province

However, please note that there are some local families living near the river area, so when camping, you should not make noise, and especially need to "bring garbage home" so as not to affect to the beautiful scenery here.