Dong Son ancient village

Dong Son ancient village

Dong Son ancient village in Thanh Hoa province, thousands of years old, is a place to preserve the lovely and idyllic beauty of the traditional village of northern Vietnam.

Besides the tourist attractions such as Sam Son beach or Pu Luong nature reservie, Thanh Hoa is blessed with many beautiful destinations with long historical significance. One of them is Dong Son ancient village in Ham Rong ward, Thanh Hoa city. Although located in the center of the city, Dong Son still retains its idyllic and purely agricultural beauty.
Dong Son ancient village in Thanh Hoa

Dong Son ancient village in Thanh Hoa is located by the bank of the Ma river. The village is surrounded by rocky mountains and hills like a strong rampart. Up to now Dong Son is a thousand-year-old village, rated as one of the 10 most beautiful ancient villages in Vietnam.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity to travel to Thanh Hoa, you should definitely visit Dong Son to enjoy the timeless beauty, immerse yourself in the picture of an ancient village, simple but imbued with human love.
Dong Son ancient village in Thanh Hoa

Dong Son is one of the villages with the longest history of formation in Vietnam. According to many documents, in the 20th century, this village was discovered by Western scientists with many archaeological remains of the Dong Son culture dating back to 2500 years.

In particular, this village is also the first place where ancient Dong Son bronze drums were excavated in the Hung King's reign thousands of years ago. Therefore, Dong Son village has become the cradle of Vietnamese culture - private tours to Vietnam.

Dong Son culture is one of the brilliantly developed cultures of the Vietnamese nation during the nation-building period. The value of Dong Son culture also extends beyond national borders, contributing to the common development of mankind.
Dong Son ancient village in Thanh Hoa

Today, this village has become a famous destination of Thanh Hoa city. The local government facilitates the opening of tourist routes for visitors to visit the village.

Dong Son village is about 4 square kilometers, it has 330 households with more than 1,000 residents. As a traditional village, the people are mainly engaged in farming. The farm work is hard, but always has a smile on her face, the people in the village are all friendly and hospitable - Vietnam family vacations.

Visiting this beautiful ancient village, visitors feel like going back in history thousands of years ago. The village lies comfortably between a river and hills. Interwoven with it are immense rice fields, fully showing the beauty of Thanh Hoa country.

According to experience of people who have come to Dong Son, visitors shouldnot expect much about exciting entertainment experiences when coming here. Instead, take your time slowly, leisurely walking on the ironing path and feel the color of time printed on each step of the wall and brick.

Dong Son ancient village in Thanh Hoa was built boldly in the style of a traditional Northern village with the architecture of "banyan tree - water well - communal yard". High stone walls, small roads leading to each alley, create a contemplative, quiet space for the countryside of Thanh Hoa.
Dong Son ancient village in Thanh Hoa

In the village, there are dozens of preserved old houses, lying dormant among the mossy stone walls of old colors. Walking along the roads in Dong Son ancient village, visitors can easily come across an idyllic picture of a countryside with a drying rice field, with a mound of shiny golden straw,…

Besides the ancient beauty shown through the architecture of the village gate and the alleys, walls... The beauty of this ancient village also comes from the natural, peaceful atmosphere of the country soul. Lotus ponds, water lily ponds or tree-lined roads help Dong Son always have a peaceful atmosphere in the busy Thanh Hoa city - Vietnam adventure tours.

The most interesting thing about this village is the alleys named with the meaning of human dignity. It is the alleys of Nhan, Nghia, Tri, Dung, with clear signs, as if conveying a message about the cultural beauty of the people in the village.
Dong Son ancient village in Thanh Hoa

Visiting this thousand-year-old ancient village, do not forget to explore more surrounding historical monuments. It is the temple of Second God Emperor Trinh The Loi - who founded Dong Son village. Or you can visit Dong Son old temple, a beautiful and quiet temple in the area.

Today, Vietnam does not have many ancient villages due to the influence of urbanization. But somewhere, there are still beautiful villages with ancient architecture, with an idyllic and rustic rural life. If you have the opportunity to travel to Thanh Hoa, remember to visit Dong Son ancient village to feel more authentically the beauty of a thousand-year-old village.