How to visit Con Co island by yourself

How to visit Con Co island by yourself

The wild and beautiful destinations without mass tourism is always the choice for travelers, one of those places is Con Co island in Quang Tri, the holy eye in the middle of the northern sea. Visitors who have been to Con Co island say it is the wild life, tranquility of the island itself has made it an ideal travel destination for those who want to escape from the noisy, chaotic and crowded cities in Vietnam.

Best time to visit Con Co island.
From our experience, best time to visit Con Co island is from April to June. This time the weather is beautiful, sun shines, the sea is blue and calm, very favorable for the plan to visit and explore Con Co island.

If you want to make the trip to Con Co island in other times, the most important thing you need to do is weather forecast on the island and contact the ships to see if they are running or not. Con Co island is about 2 hours from mainland and if the weather is bad the ships will not operate.

Transport to and from Con Co island:
Con Co island is about 30km from Cua Tung beach in Quang Tri province, then the first destination you need to reach is Quang Tri town, you can go by train, car or plane from Hanoi or Sai Gon, arriving in Dong Ha town you need to catch a taxi to the Cua Tung sea port for the ship to Con Co island. One thing you need to remember when you catch a taxi to the port is agree on the price first or pay by meter, it costs around 140.000 vnd (6$) by motorbike from Dong Ha town to Cua Tung and 300.000 vnd (13$) by taxi. If you go in big group and want to visit some places in Quang Tri you are recommended to book private transfers just for your group, cost for private transfer in Dong Ha is pretty high and you can contact transport company Linh Linh 0942 083 739 to rent one.

Currently the high speed boat from mainland to Con Co island is not in operation so you have 2 ways:
- Rent a fishing boat from local people in order to control your itinerary by yourself, if your group is less than 10 people cost is about 3.000.000 vnd (130 $) for a return trip, you can keep the cost down by asking for a ride from officials, business people or navy ships, it saves you a lot of money however you can't take initiative in timing and may thus affect your plan.
- Book a tour from a travel agency in Quang Tri, the tours run almost every week however price is high as the tour company has to hire a private boat for passengers.

Accommodation on Con Co island
Con Co island can even be more pristine and wild than Co To or Ly Son island, there is no hotel or resort and the only choice is Nha Khach Huyen Uy (Guesthouse of People's Committee). Our tips for you travelers if the guesthouse is full is to ask for a stay at a local family, the lighthouse or police station and one more choice is to set up a tent at a convenient and safe place

Contact of People's Committee Guesthouse: tel 0982 408 135 (Mr Hai)
Guesthouse of Con Co island lighthouse: tel 0917 334 234 (Mr Hai)

Eating in Con Co island:
Travel to Con Co island you must try the delicious food, specialties such as crabs, sea fish, pearl eye addition to seafood like other seaside places

The guesthouses in Con Co island don't serve food for tourists so you can buy food and cook yourself or go to some restaurants in the island, it costs about 40.000 vnd (2$) per person, karaoke service is also available, about 40.000/hour in the evening. And you can also bring along your own food such as instant noodles, soft drinks, fruits...

Attractions in Con Co island.
Sights and attractions in Con Co island including Con Co lighthouse, Tranh beach, Song Huong beach, Ong Nghe port, local cemetery or some military stations in the war time, especially you must go to Song Huong beach, very beautiful with white sand and clear blue water.

Leisure activities not to be missed when traveling Con Co island:
Besides swimming, sightseeing, fishing, walking, exploring pristine can participate in scuba diving or snorkeling and pick seaweed. Con Co is one of the best places near the shore where you can, you should not ignore this activity when travel to Con Co island.

Con Co Island is still wild and rustic, but enough for you to visit to discover in two days at weekend. Take up your backpack up and equip yourself experience, guide and other information for a memorable trip to Con Co island by yourself.