Lai Chau town in Vietnam

Lai Chau travel guide

With the gentle terraced fields, such as the winding ribbon running around steep hillsides, Lai Chau is like a beautiful girl waiting to be awakened. Coming to Lai Chau, visitors will be immersed in unspoiled nature, where clouds rolling mountains with the legendary Da river.

Pu Sam Cap cave:
From Lai Chau town, travels about 6 km to the west, the road to Sin Ho plateau will see limestone mountains formed from tectonic era, the karst type terrain that creates the cave system in the mountains with magical stalactites. This rocky region is called Pu Sam Cap, meaning the three big mountains overlapping.

Cave Pu Sam Cap with an area of 600 ha attracts large tourist attention because of the broad spatial and stalactites formed over thousands of years, the rock clusters with different shapes. Heaven's Gate and two of the caves are put into operation.

visitors can easily recognize the very lively stone dragons, jade tower, lions and most impressive pictures of stone terraces in the cool and transparent. one cannot help but be overwhelmed by the spectacular natural scenery made by creator, with romantic, subtle, harmonious space of northwestern mountains.

Sin Ho town
Sin Ho means a place of rivers and streams by local language, Sin Ho boasts dense tree forests and charming natural scenery. Perhaps that is why this place attracts tourists to Lai Chau.

Located at 1,500 meters above sea level, from Sin Ho plateau of Lai Chau town about 60 km, there is year-round cool climate and beautiful landscape surrounded by the sea of ??white blur clouds. Guests will be immersed with natural grandeur, experience the atmosphere of the bustling bazaar along the ethnic people: Red Dzao, Hmong, Sila, Cong ... with highland produce.

September, October is planting season in the Northwest, you'll be watching the golden terraced fields, On the new rice season, visitors will admire the bustling village with games, songs over the yellow paddy terraces

On market days, throughout the roads to market visitors will see across the hillside dyed with brocade, the colourful costumes of local girls and older women on their way to market, on the shoulder is local produce of highland area.

Dao San village:
As a border commune in Phong Tho district, Dao San is more than 40 km to the north of Lai Chau town, this place still keeps the pristine beauty of hill tribe villages of ethnic minority people such as Hmong, Thai, La Hu, Dzao. Coming to this area guests will discover the villages, learn about life of local people through the weekend market culture.

In each market day, you will see colorful brocade converge. On New Year's Day, Dao San is attractive with the unique Gau Tao festival, visitors will enjoy folk songs, dances and join in the games, enjoy special Thang Co soup of people on the highland region and drink Sung Phai wine. In addition, you can also enjoy the fresh air, tranquility, not any less than SaPa, admire pristine natural landscapes, rustic jungle.

Weekly markets
Weekly market brings together many traditional cultures, it is the crossroad of the customs of ethnic minorities, visitors should not miss the unique and original markets, this fair is the meeting place, exchange love of young boys and girls as well as bartering local products of the ethnic groups. It's interesting to see throughout the streets, in the early morning, groups of people talking and laughing, walking their horses or carry goods on their back making their way to market. In the noise of trade, the songs by the girls and sound of flute can be heard somewhere, courting each other, in colorful dresses flock to the market, prominently appear on the mountain and forest background. The whole northwest mountain seems awakening by the footsteps of market goers.

Ta Leng rice terraces:
with the rice terraces softly winding like a silk band around the steep hillside. Ta Leng attracts photographers every water season or rice harvest. In September, October the fragrant rice is seen everywhere. Watching from afar, the rice terraces look like yellow ladder leading to the mountain peak between the vast sky. Paddy terraces of Ta Leng bear the magnificent beauty of a natural picture, drawing domestic and international tourists.

In the distance, you can see Ta Leng's undulating roofs with simple and peaceful houses in the surroundings of mountain, it makes you forget the tiredness to immerse yourself in a quiet space.

Vang Pheo hamlet
Vang Pheo hamlet is located about 30 km from Lai Chau town, leaning on the Phu Nho Kho mountain, on the front is winding Nam Lin stream creating a charming picture. This is the inhabitation of White Thai people and still preserves the unique and original cultures of Thai ethnic groups. Visitors get to learn embroidery, weaving, rattan products and especially very famous silver carving and buy products like necklace, brooch.

Currently the villagers were content to serve tourists with services like homestay, dining, cultural performances, entertainment, shopping....

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