Top 10 Thanh Hoa tourist attractions visitors cannot miss

Top 10 Thanh Hoa tourist attractions visitors cannot miss

Thanh Hoa is a land of full convergence of mountainous terrains, midlands, and coastal plains. This place is consider as an image of Vietnam in miniature. Let's travel to Thanh Hoa and discover this special land - private Vietnam tours.

Where is Thanh Hoa province?
Thanh Hoa is a province located in the North Central region - Central Vietnam. This is also the transitional province between the North and the Central of our country.

Best time to travel Thanh Hoa?
You can visit Thanh Hoa any time. However, Thanh Hoa is a place with many beautiful beaches, so coming to Thanh Hoa in summer is the most ideal time. In the summer, there are often storms, so before traveling, you need to see the weather forecast in Thanh Hoa for the next 10 days or 3 days to prepare a thoughtful plan.

From Hanoi or Saigon to Thanh Hoa?
In general, the road to Thanh Hoa is quite easy to go, there are many transportation systems for you to choose from such as road, rail, air. If going from Hanoi you can go by road or rail.

Going from Saigon, choosing the air route is the best option (Thanh Hoa has Tho Xuan airport or you can fly to Noi Bai and then catch the car back to Thanh Hoa). Tourists traveling to Thanh Hoa on their own remember to bring a map of Thanh Hoa to avoid getting lost.

Top 10 Thanh Hoa tourist attractions visitors cannot miss:

Sam Son Beach - Thanh Hoa
1 - Sam Son Beach
Address: Sam Son township
Sam Son Beach stretches for nearly 6 km from Lach Hoi estuary to the foot of Truong Le mountain. The beach with long, gentle golden sand and clear blue water has long become a famous destination for tourists from all over the world. The coast here is flat with wide sand, strong and high enough waves, clear water and moderate salt concentration, very suitable for swimming.

Coming to Sam Son, tourists can not only swim in the sea, but also discover many beautiful scenes such as Trong Mai Islet, Co Tien Temple, Doc Cuoc Temple, Khai Nam Pagoda.

Hai Hoa Beach - Thanh Hoa
2 - Hai Hoa Beach
Address: Tinh Gia district.
Hai Hoa Beach is known for its wild and pure natural beauty. Long sloping beach, attractive natural landscape. This place not only has natural beauty such as: blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine, green coconut groves, immense casuarina forest, etc., but also has many beautiful, luxurious and modern tourist infrastructure. This has helped Hai Hoa bring both an idyllic and wild beauty, but also a modern one - Vietnam Family Holidays.

Dong Son Ancient Village - Thanh Hoa
3 - Dong Son Ancient Village
Address: Ancient Dong Son village in Dong Giang commune, Dong Son district. Today in Ham Rong ward, Thanh Hoa town
Dong Son has been known to many Western scientists since the last century. This is a small village on the south bank of the Ma River, next to Ham Rong Bridge, where many typical elements of a traditional Vietnamese village converge.

Dong Son village is structured in the style of a purely agricultural village. The location of the village allows to bring into full play the advantages of the farmland economy and hilly land. The system of monuments such as communal houses, pagodas, and shrines is created and distributed reasonably evenly, creating an idyllic scene of the house roof, very dear well. Through many ups and downs of history up to now, Dong Son ancient village still retains almost intact the ancient features of a traditional agricultural village.

Citadel of Ho Dynasty - Thanh Hoa
4 - Citadel of Ho Dynasty
Address: Vinh Tien, Vinh Loc, Thanh Hoa.

People still used to call Tay Do Citadel Tay Giai, An Ton or Ho Citadel. This is a valuable historical relic more than 600 years ago, used to be the capital of Vietnam under the reign of Ho Quy Ly. Despite experiencing many ups and downs in history, the citadel is still solid with unique large-scale stone architecture that is rare in Vietnam. In addition, Tay Do Citadel is also valuable and unique, the only one left in Southeast Asia and one of the very few remaining stone ramparts in the world.

Cam Luong magic fish stream - Thanh Hoa
5 - Cam Luong magic fish stream
Address: Ngoc Village, Cam Luong Commune, Cam Thuy District.
Cam Luong magic fish stream is a natural fish stream and is becoming an interesting tourist destination of Thanh Hoa. There are thousands of large and small fish living in the stream over 100m long. Although there are a lot of fish, the strange thing is that the spring water is still very clear and cool, even if you like it, you can use it to wash your face - Vietnam Adventure.

The people in the region worship the fish like gods, no one fishes in the stream. Tourists coming here can comfortably watch the schools of fish swimming, feeding, taking pictures, etc.

Ben En National Park - Thanh Hoa
6 - Ben En National Park
Address: Nhu Thanh district, Thanh Hoa.
Ben En National Park is an ecological area with an area of 16,643 hectares, including 8,544 hectares of primary and regenerated forests. Ben En is also home to many rare species of flora and fauna.

Coming to Ben En, visitors will surely be mesmerized by the poetic scenery of Song Muc lake. Created by 4 streams and the Muc River, the lake surface is blue and quiet in four seasons and this land is also a place to keep thrilling legends.

Overnight at Ben En, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy attractive folk dishes such as grilled fish, bitter soup, drink can wine and listen to folk songs about their roots from ancient times with the Thai people, Muong, Dzao.

Lam Kinh historical site - Thanh Hoa
7 - Lam Kinh historical site
Address: Xuan Lam commune, Tho Xuan district, Thanh Hoa.
Lam Kinh historical relic area is about 30 hectares wide, including mausoleums, temples and a palace of the late Le dynasty kings who visited their ancestors each time.

The relic area includes Bach Bridge, Ngo Mon Gate, Ngoc Well, Nam Kinh Palace, Vinh Lang - Tomb of King Le Thai To, Tomb of King Le Thai Tong, Tomb of King Le Thanh Tong, Tomb of King Le Hien Tong, Tomb of King Le Tuc Tong, Thai Mieu, etc. Currently, Lam Kinh relic has been restored and embellished, attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world.

May Waterfall - Thanh Hoa
8 - May Waterfall
Address: Thach Lam commune, Thach Thanh district, Thanh Hoa.
May Waterfall is poured from the top of Thach Lam mountain at an altitude of about 100m, with 9 steps overlapping each other. In addition to the nine main waterfalls, there are also the father waterfall, mother waterfall and child waterfall. The two sides of the waterfall are big old trees that always give shade to the waterfall. May Waterfall is definitely an ideal destination when traveling to Thanh Hoa in the summer.

Tien Son Cave - Thanh Hoa
9 - Tien Son Cave
Address: Vinh An commune, Vinh Loc district, Thanh Hoa province.
Tien Son Cave is a place containing the quintessence of creation with stone slabs in the shape of Buddha Dharma - a sacred symbol of Asian culture. Coming to Tien Son cave, you can also visit Love Cave, Thien Cung, Tien Ong cave, Thuy Cung, etc. all have unique and unforgettable beauty.

Pu Luong Nature Reserve - Thanh Hoa
10 - Pu Luong Nature Reserve
Pu Luong Nature Reserve is about 130 km northwest of Thanh Hoa city center, in the territory of two districts of Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc.
Pu Luong is attractive with the wild beauty of primeval forests and terraced fields of indigenous people. Pu Luong has its own features but also has a combination of terraced fields, streams, and waterfalls like Ha Giang, and a cool climate that is not too cold like Sapa.

About the way, Pu Luong is much easier than the Northwest Pass roads. Especially, this place is not known much, so it is still quite wild.
Here, there are many resorts and homestays located in villages such as: Ban Kho Muong, Ban Don, Ban Hieu, Ban Ham...

You are looking to travel to Thanh Hoa , the above information will help you somewhat for your trip. Wish you have a complete vacation!.