Travel to Ca Mau and 10 best attractions for visitors

Travel to Ca Mau and 10 best attractions for visitors

As the southernmost land in the South of Vietnam, Ca Mau is not only a symbol of the sacred meaning of the territory in the mind of every Vietnamese, but also a land that possesses many beautiful landscapes. From the pristine islands in the vast sea to the majestic and mysterious Melaleuca forests. Starting your journey across Vietnam, let's join us to discover the most attractive tourist destinations in Ca Mau, Private tour to Vietnam.

1 - Ca Mau cape
The most famous tourist symbol of the southernmost land of the country that any visitor should visit once, is Ca Mau cape - The place is 20 km from the city center by river. Standing at this unique location, you can enjoy watching an amazing natural phenomenon that only Ca Mau can enjoy. Such is the radiant beauty of the sky as the sun's cycle forms in the East Sea and sets in the West Sea. Besides, visitors can explore the lifestyle and culture of the ethnic minorities here, the Chinese and the Khmer. In addition, Ca Mau Cape is also an ideal place to admire the panoramic view of the sky and the vast sea at the end of the Vietnamese territory. Surely with this exciting experience, each person will be attached to their soul at the end of the trip to visit this beautiful land of Dat Mui.
Ca Mau cape
Ca Mau Cape National Tourist Area covers an area of about 20,100 hectares. In which, the concentrated development area has an area of about 2,100 hectares, this is the core area, focusing on the development of the national tourist area, the core center of the national tourist area with tourist works, service center, entertainment, mangrove eco-resort, including main functional areas: Ca Mau Cape Cultural Tourist Park, marine eco-tourism area, community tourist area forest village eco-tourism area, production village eco-tourism area and Khai Long general tourist area. The highlight of Ca Mau Cape National Tourist Area is located in the area of Cape Ca Mau - the only mainland point in Vietnam that can watch the sunrise and sunset over the sea, which attracts tourists by its unique value of Ca Mau Cape National Park - the green lung of the province, associated with mangrove ecosystems, animals, rich and diverse flora, the climate is fresh and the island cluster of Hon Khoai is wild and peaceful, the river life culture imbued with the identity of the Southern region expressed through lifestyle, housing architecture, traditional craft and culinary culture.

2 - Ca Mau Floating Market
As one of the 13 provinces of the Southwest region, the river and garden culture is also a characteristic beauty that is easily found when tourists visit Ca Mau. On the Ganh Hao river in the center of the city, every day hundreds of large and small boats gather here to exchange and trade goods. All have created a bustling atmosphere mixed with something very personal, both rustic and lyrical at Ca Mau Floating Market. It is also because of the close and poetic beauty of the rustic life in the river that holds to the footsteps of every tourist when having the opportunity to visit Ca Mau.
Ca Mau Floating Market
In this floating market in Ca Mau, it only focuses on wholesale buying and selling all kinds of items from food, necessities, fresh fruits and vegetables from gardens to traders. The people here are sincere and idyllic, they trade on small boats on the river, which will definitely leave you with an indelible mark on the uniqueness of the typical floating market of western provinces. Fruits from the garden such as gourd, squash, guava, melon, water coconut, papaya, mango, pineapple, rambutan... In addition, this floating market also sells street mats, a typical thing that most people immediately think of Ca Mau.

3 - Hon Da Bac island
One of the scenic spots that attracts tourists when coming to Ca Mau is Da Bac Island in Tran Van Thoi district, 50 km from the city center by waterway. If traveling by road from the city it takes about 1.5 hours on a motorbike. Therefore, Hon Da Bac is an ideal destination for backpackers. With the wild beauty of 3 beautiful island clusters more than 180,000 years old, this place still preserves the original and fresh air that blends into the immensity of the surrounding sea. Thanks to the miraculous creative hand of the Creator, visitors can enjoy interesting natural works formed from countless granite stones such as fairy wells, fairy hands, fairy yards... Besides, This mystical sea also records many spiritual legends about the Ong fish (whale) often appearing to help fishermen in distress on the high seas, Sai gon tours.
Hon Da Bac island Ca Mau
The most famous historical site at Hon Da Bac is Ong Hai Nam Mausoleum - a place to worship a giant whale skeleton handed down from ancient times. In addition, this land is also favored by nature for a system of dense forests and rare plants with many rich and diverse species, contributing to the potential of eco-tourism for Hon Da Bac in the future. Visitors to the Mausoleum will admire the large whale skeleton that people display for worship. On the 23rd day of the 5th lunar month every year, local fishermen, those who are fishing in the open sea and tourists from all over the world all flock to Da Bac Island to attend Nghinh Ong festival to pray for favorable weather, healthy people and catch a good fishing season, Ha Giang tours.

4 - Hon Khoai island
Dubbed the "jewel" of Ca Mau, Hon Khoai island is a priceless natural masterpiece that nature has favored exclusively for this cape land. 14.6 km from the mainland to the southwest, not only possessing interesting and lyrical natural scenery from the clouds, the jungle and the sea, Hon Khoai is located in the open sea as a natural garrison for tourists, guard the country's territory. Experiencing many ups and downs of time, this archipelago is also imprinted with heroic historical relics of the nation during the anti-French period, most notably the image of the Lighthouse Tower - the earliest lighthouse project in the Vietnamese territorial waters.
Hon Khoai island Ca Mau
Formed in the Jurassic period of the Mesozoic Era, Hon Khoai island not only captivates visitors' souls by its beautiful and poetic natural landscape, but also creates the feeling of being lost in the ancient, wild, primitive world. When visiting this place, each visitor also has the opportunity to "satisfy" and unleash his imagination when enjoying the creative and funny shapes of rocks and cliffs that have been "processed" for millions of years. In addition, the natural world in Hon Khoai is also an invaluable ecological museum with more than 1000 rich and diverse species of plants and animals living on the island. Just how much is enough to hold the soul of every tourist when "happen" to visit this magical archipelago, Hanoi tour packages.

5 - U Minh Ha Forest
If you love to explore unspoiled nature and full of mystery, you cannot miss a trip to U Minh Ha Forest. With an extremely rich and diverse ecological system, U Minh Ha National Park is a huge nature museum, a place to preserve and propagate rare and precious genetic genes, contributing to the development of science, culture and history of the country. Through the famous movie "Southern Land", U Minh Ha Forest is a wild world, full of challenges, described through the stories of the ancestors who reclaimed and opened the land hundreds of years ago. With a total area of more than 8527 hectares, U Minh Ha Forest is recognized by UNESCO as one of the three largest biosphere reserves in the world with more than 250 species of plants, 180 species of birds and 20 species of common reptiles. In addition, there are many rare animals hidden deep in the jungle waiting for biologists to discover.
U Minh Ha Forest Ca Mau
When visiting U Minh Ha visitors will have the opportunity to experience the feeling of traveling through the forest on the martial arts boats to see and harmonize their souls in the deep and wild forest scene like the ancient primitive period, as well as dark and mysterious to intoxicating people. Besides, you can also enjoy the rustic dishes, only available here such as fried hamsters, cobras cooked with green beans, eel with noni leaves... Definitely a trip to U Minh Ha will leave a deep impression in everyone's life. In particular, under the forest canopy, bees diligently suck honey from the pistils of Melaleuca flowers to bring back to the nest. In the bee-eating season from December to June, visiting U Minh Ha forest, you will have the opportunity to follow the woodworkers to the forest to collect honey, which is both an interesting experience and a taste of freshly cut bees. ,

6 - Nam Can mangrove forest
Because it is located close to the sea, most of the land and geology in Ca Mau are in a state of salt marsh, thus creating a unique and typical ecological population for this cape land - that is, Nam Can mangrove forest . In such natural conditions of salinity, mangroves and melaleuca are resilient creatures with strong vitality in the wetlands. An hour's journey from Ca Mau Floating Market by speedboat, Nam Can mangrove forest is a rich biological reserve with a number of species of creatures with characteristics of mangrove ecology such as white toad, tiger, fish. pineapple... When visiting this magnificent mangrove forest, visitors will be delighted to discover the mystery of nature and immerse themselves in the clear, unspoiled air of the mountains and forests to relieve the pressure of life and be near closer to nature.
Nam Can mangrove forest Ca Mau
Moreover, when sitting on a boat to see the mangrove forest of Ca Mau , you can also hear the boatmen tell about the origin of the mangrove forest and the glorious stories related to it, it is guaranteed to be extremely interesting. Especially, under the muddy shoals and the rushing water, if other trees may have been dead for a long time, the mangroves will still thrive and proliferate and silently step their feet towards the sea. to become the most interesting tourist destination in Ca Mau that tourists cannot ignore. When staying the night here, experience resting at typical stilt houses in the forest and enjoy the unique specialties here such as seabass, crab, crab... unforgettable in the hearts of visitors.

7 - Khai Long beach resort
Located in the southeast of Ca Mau, Khai Long beach resort was born with the purpose of introducing the beauty of the harmony between the sea and the mangrove forest, a unique natural landscape, only available in Dat Mui to tourists from all over the world. Covering an area of 230 hectares, when coming to this resort, visitors can enjoy seeing the comprehensive beauty of Hon Khoai archipelago far away from the vast sea and the wild and majestic features of the flooded forests. Salty growing around the coast. Although not possessing the beauty and magnificence like Halong Bay, Khai Long golden sand beach with the shape of a winding dragon, the calm waves with not great intensity are enough to make an interesting attraction. lyrical in the heart of every visitor when coming here. With the type of resort and swimming tourism, Khai Long beach resort promises to be an ideal destination for tourists with the characteristics of a beautiful beach in the South.
Khai Long beach resort Ca Mau
There is a statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (Mother Nam Hai) with a height of up to 20 m overlooking the East Sea built in 2008. Fishermen who return from fishing can see it. This statue is that they have returned home and they also often come here to pray for peace and prosperity for their families. Not only fishermen here often come to worship but also tourists from all over the world to Khai Long stop by to visit the Bodhisattva statue here. Besides, an experience that is extremely popular with tourists here is watching the sunrise over the sea. Visitors can both lie down on the fine white sand here, sip breakfast and watch the sunrise from the East coast and enjoy the beautiful, fresh scenery here, dispel all worries and tiredness.

8 - Ca Mau Bird Sanctuary
If you are a wildlife lover, especially rare birds, remember to visit Ca Mau Bird Sanctuary during your journey. With thousands of birds living here, Ca Mau Bird Sanctuary in Dam Doi district is a great place for biologists and photographers. In the fresh air of nature, visitors can both watch precious birds such as herons, lemurs, water vultures... while immersing in the wild beauty of the surrounding scenery in a wonderful chord. Crafted from the sounds of all kinds of birds. With scientific and environmental value, Ca Mau bird sanctuary attracts many tourists to visit and learn about the behavior of birds as well as take unique and beautiful nature photos.
Ca Mau Bird Sanctuary
Ca Mau Bird Sanctuary is often a place to visit on weekends for tourists, usually after hard working days. People no longer want to go to the busy places of the city but instead the peaceful countryside scenery to dispel the fatigue after hard working days. Ca Mau Bird Sanctuary is full of beautiful nature, resorting here is the most suitable because in addition to watching the birds racing to fly. We can also relax with the gentle scenery of the countryside here. This used to be the place to take pictures of famous photographers because the charming scenery and diverse natural nuances will make the photo more beautiful. In addition, there is a bird garden in Ca Mau cultural park recently. Here, tourists can visit many places such as monuments, flower gardens and elaborately manicured trees, with architecture simulating Ho Chi Minh's workplace.

9 - Thi Tuong lagoon
One of the places with the most typical beauty of Ca Mau must be mentioned is Thi Tuong lagoon at Xang Ba Keo canal, 2 hours by boat from the city center. With a length of 10 km, Thi Tuong lagoon runs through the Gulf of Thailand and consists of 3 components: the inner lagoon, the middle lagoon, and the outer lagoon, where the concentration of saltwater aquaculture species is concentrated in Ca Mau people. At every sunrise or sunset, the landscape on the lagoon has a lyrical and beautiful beauty like a poetic ink painting. Especially in the deep night, visitors have the opportunity to see a fanciful and shimmering scene made up of thousands of lights shining on the surface of the lagoon. When visiting and living in the peaceful Thi Tuong Lagoon, visitors can not only admire the magical beauty of the surrounding nature, but also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious specialties while listening to the echoes of the island. Ancient chants spread in the quiet and peaceful night scene.
Thi Tuong lagoon Ca Mau
Come to Thi Tuong lagoon visitors can also visit the base of Xeo Duoc Provincial Party Committee to learn about the arduous and heroic activities of revolutionary soldiers during the years of the resistance war against the US. On June 11, 2007, Xeo Duoc Provincial Party Committee Base Area was recognized by the People's Committee of Ca Mau Province as a provincial historical relic. Xeo Duoc base area is a revolutionary address, a place to educate patriotic traditions for the younger generation to follow. Visitors come here to visit the Xeo Duoc revolutionary relic and visit around the lagoon. The boat runs for about 1 hour around the lagoon, and if you want to go to the end of the lagoon, it will take about 2 hours. Each summer season, more than 10,000 tourists visit the lagoon. Previously, to get to the lagoon you had to go through many winding roads, but now, traveling is easy because the road leading to the lagoon has been repaired and upgraded, so it is very convenient.

10 - Con Ong Trang (Ong Trang island)
An attractive eco-tourism destination in Ca Mau is Con Ong Trang - a unique biological reserve in Ngoc Hien district, located to the west of Dat Mui land. When visiting this estuary, visitors will have the opportunity to admire a charming painting created between the vast sand dunes covered by the vast and deep green forest of fish sauce. As an alluvial ground built up every year, nature not only bestows poetic beauty on Con Ong Trang, but this alluvial ground is also home to many aquatic species of high economic value. With favorable natural conditions and beautiful landscape, Con Ong Trang is considered a potential eco-tourism area and develops in the near future.
Con Ong Trang Ca Mau
The reason why Ong Trang dune is special is probably because of its topographical location. Because the entire area of about 122 hectares of Con Ong Trang is located in the tourist area of Ca Mau Cape National Park. Especially located at the mouth of Cai Lon river - the position of the locomotive leading to the alluvial ground west of Ca Mau cape in An Vien commune, Ngoc Hien district, helping to build up fertile alluvium for the dunes. Every year, the mudflats in this area are expanded by 50 - 80 meters, creating conditions for many aquatic species to develop. Although divided into two parts inside and outside Ong Trang estuary, the ecosystem here is still homogeneous, thereby forming a special eco-tourism destination. The beauty of Con Ong Trang is not only reflected in its economic value, but also in the ecosystem. Because right from the picture of nature, it has shown people a genuine, idyllic beauty of Ca Mau river.

With a wild and rustic landscape, Ca Mau cape land possesses many beautiful landscapes for tourism development. With the favor of nature, it is certain that in the near future, Ca Mau tourism will not only develop domestically but also reach out to international visitors.