Travel to Dong Cao

Travel to Dong Cao

Located at the east end of Bac Giang province and adjacent to Lang Son. Son Dong is a mountainous district with many ethnic groups. It is a good idea to learn about ethnic culture private Vietnam tours

From Ha Noi you can travel along the new Highway 1A to Lang Son province. Arriving in Bac Giang town you turn left at Ke intersection to national way 31, continue the way about 90km to the centre of Thach Son commune, from here you can ask local people for the way to Dong Cao.

One thing is the way from the center of the commune to Dong Cao is quite difficult to drive and on rainy days it is extremely difficult to go. You'd better prepare a good pair of walking shoes, some people had to walk all the way.

Dong Cao is the destination between the valley covered by haze almost throughout the year, the mountains overlapping in the distance, sometimes a little house built with mud or earth situated on the hillside, but it's quite fun to come here. Last time when I was here there were no electricity as Son Dong is the poorest district in Bac Giang, therefore remember to charge your phone or camera battery full before coming to Dong Cao, otherwise you need to go to the district town to have it recharged.

Travel to Dong Cao, you need just 2 days and 1 night is enough, but remember that you need to bring along a camp to stay overnight, a light blanket is also handy although summer climate in this area is pretty cool in the day time and a bit cold at night, you don't need to bring firewood as you can buy here from local people. The best thing to do in Dong Cao is perhaps taking photo of sunset, don't miss it.

A vast land with big and small blocks of stone all look very catchy, the stone blocks stand next to each other with different shapes and sizes. This destination is not known to many people but very fascinating. Come on now, let's set up the program, Dong Cao is the place you can visit all year round but summer will be the most beautiful time.