Backpackers in Vietnam

Travel Vietnam, what luggage should visitors bring

Baggage is a very important issue in every trip. We would like to share some notes about preparing luggage that can people my forget when preparing luggage.

One of the most common question we received from visitors is "What should I pack for our Vietnam trips ?" Well it's hard to give an answer as it depends on when and where you are going to travel, however the answer in general is please pack as light as possible. Unless you travel in wintertime in the north try not to bring too much warm clothing as you can buy easily in Vietnam with cheap prices. Tourists tend to bring too many clothes when travelling, but we recommend that you put on those clothes lightweight, easy to wear and carry just enough, on the days with much moving you should wear loose clothing, light and cool. laundry services are available at hotels and on the streets every big city and don't carry shoes unless you do the trekking in muddy terrains, a pair of soft sandals per person is sufficient. Sleeping bag is not needed for your trip if you travel to big cities. And the airlines' baggage allowance in Vietnam is less than 20 kg.

Some people wonder whether a backpack is more suitable than suitcases, in our opinion, it is recommended that you have a backpack instead of a suitcase, please note that sometime you have to carry your own luggage without assistance by hotel staff or your tour guides, suitcases are not convenient and difficult to store when you travel by train or bus. With a backpack you can carry on motorbikes or walk without much difficulties, a suitcase is fragile and uncomfortable to walk up and down stairs, and on the busy streets and dirty pavements in Vietnam it is not easy to wheel your suitcases through food stalls, souvenir shops and all kind of people sitting around.