Unique markets in Northwest Vietnam

Unique markets in Northwest Vietnam

The markets in the mountainous northwest usually open once a week. Unlike in the delta, these markets still retain this tradition, selling only one item, these unique character makes visitors very excited.
Buffalo market Vietnam
Buffalo market
Bac Ha buffalo market in Bac Ha district (Lao Cai) is famous throughout the Northwest region. The market only meets once a week on Sunday

This unique market is known as "the largest buffalo exchange in the North". On the day of the market, there are thousands of buffaloes sold in the market on an area of thousands of square meters.

Buffaloes sold at the market are brought from many different places. Besides buffaloes in the Northwest, there are also buffaloes in Nghe An and Thanh Hoa. This "buffalo trading floor" not only sells buffalo for agricultural production, but also sells buffalo for slaughter, buffalo for fighting or buffalo for breeding. Vietnam adventure tours

The market is open from early morning to late afternoon. Each buffalo has a different value for money depending on age, weight or depending on shape, skin, legs, snout, horns. The buffalo sold at Bac Ha buffalo market is also about 20 million to 80 million VND.

Dog market
The dog market is also held on Sunday morning in the center of Bac Ha district. Like the buffalo market, this dog market only sells dogs. Vietnam tour

People all over the northwest bring dogs to the market. Dogs sold at the market are mainly puppies for people to buy and breed. Others sell dogs for meat or as an ornamental.
Dog market Vietnam
This special market stretches along the river. Most of the dogs brought to the market for sale are owned by households. To bring dogs to the market, people have to transport them by different means, but there are also people who walk their dogs to the market. Vietnam private tours

The dog market also opens early in the morning and ends at noon on the same day. The unique feature of this special market has been preserved by the ethnic minorities for many years. This difference makes visitors very interested and curious.

Bird market
Right in the center of Bac Ha district (Lao Cai), there is a market as unique as the buffalo and dog market, which is the bird market. The bird market is a place to exchange and buy and sell for many people who are passionate about raising birds.

Sellers bring to the market all kinds of different birds of the Northwest mountains such as: warblers, starlings, foxes, salamanders, dandelions...
Bird market Vietnam
Birds are sold in the market with all ages, from young birds to birds that can fly and sing. Depending on the preferences of each person, just choose a bird you like to bring home and raise.

The bird market, in addition to buying and selling birds, is also a place for people to share their passion. Birds brought to the market also for singing contests, beauty contests...

Young birds usually cost from 100 to 150.000 VND. The bird market has a smaller scale than the dog market and the buffalo market but is equally unique, many tourists are also extremely interested when attending this "unique" market.

Orchid market
Right in the middle of the Northwest mountains, in Lao Cai, there is a special market that only sells orchids. Orchid market has hundreds of sellers and thousands of buyers

Orchid market sells unique orchid species of the Northwest area. These are all orchids that people have taken from the forest or planted and brought to the market.
Orchid market Vietnam
Depending on the type of natural orchid or transplanted orchid, the price of each orchid is set by the seller, some are up to millions (Vietnam Dong), but sometimes only two or three hundred thousand you can own a unique Northwest orchid.

Orchid market is always crowded with buyers. Most orchid lovers in the delta come to this largest orchid market in Lao Cai to admire, buy and sell their favorite orchids.

Thang Co market
In addition to the above markets, the market selling all Thang Co dishes in Bac Ha also attracts many people with this specialty dish
Thang Co market Vietnam
For people in the mountainous areas, Thang Co is an indispensable dish when going to the market. That's why there is a market specializing in this dish that many people are afraid of.

Wine market
Bac Ha wine is also a specialty of the northwest people. The demand for using and buying this product as a gift is also very high. Therefore, in Bac Ha district, there is a market that specializes in selling alcohol
Wine market Vietnam
Bac Ha wine is cooked with corn, leave yeast, especially with high concentration. This specialty is for local people to treat their guests and used in the holidays of ethnic.