Vieng market in Nam Dinh

Unique markets in Vietnam

No jostling, no pushing, no bargaining, sellers and buyers in the markets come for good luck, expect a lucky year full of fortune. Unlike many other markets, these markets just meet only once a year.

1. Khau Vai Love Market
In late March of the lunar calendar, on the rocky plateau Ha Giang girls, boys, young and elderly people, tourists everywhere flock to Khau Vai love market to make a very special day found nowhere else in Vietnam.

The fair opens only one time a year on 27th Lunar March. Located about 200 km from Ha Giang town, the fair started long time ago and is the traditional activity of Hmong people. Initially those who come here were lovers who did not have a happy ending with their partners for some reason. They come and meet, exchange love and feelings for just one night until the next morning when the fair finishes they come back to life with their husbands and wives without jealousy or reproaching. Today, Khau Vai love market is a festival, a social activity for people to meet, associate and exchange goods.

2. Vieng market in Nam Dinh town
Also meeting only once a year, here is a longstanding fair, attracting thousands of tourists every year to "buy good luck, selling risk". The market starts on the evening of 7th and 8th January on lunar calendar, the market is in Nam Truc and Vu Ban district of Nam Dinh province.

Both sellers and buyers do not lay too much emphasis on trading and profits, they come here to get good luck, with the desire to have a year of favourable weather and prosperity. Previously only farm equipment were sold in Vieng market, especially knives, hammers, plowshares...Today people bring with them many different products and make the market more exciting

3. Antique market in Hanoi
The market meets only once a year, from December 23rd to 30th, the market takes place at 5 way junction Hang Ma and Hang Luoc streets in the Old Quarter, the market sells mainly bronze artifacts and antiques dating from hundreds of years. Although it is called market there are only around 10 stalls, there is no sign. People go to market to buy decorative items for their home, there are also people who come here just to watch, go play in the days before Tet. It is also the meeting point of the year-end antiques enthusiasts.

The items sold in the market are in diversity, the most common is worship items, Buddha statues or the four holy animals, incense burner made from bronze...besides pottery. However only those who have expertise and experience can distinguish the real and fake antiques and have a precise price for the items.

4. Am Duong (Yin Yang) market in Bac Ninh city
The market opens on the evening of 4th Lunar January at Xuan O village, Bac Ninh city. In the perception of local people this is the only chance for the dead and the living to meet. The market starts in the evening on an open space beside a sacred shrine. This is a market without stalls or shops, people going to market with a chicken as an offering to the God, market goers don't bargain, all can be heard is whispering from people, people consider the market as a chance to do good deeds for the deceased. This is a form of cultural activities with featured characteristics of Kinh Bac region.

5. Thieu market in Thanh Hoa province.
The market is organized at Thieu Xa village, Hau Loc district on 26 Lunar December. Items at the market are mainly rural commodities such as sticky rice, honey leaves, fruits and vegetables. People don't bargain in the market, they go shopping good luck. Previously Thieu market took place right on the river bank for convenient waterway, today villagers agreed to meet in the temple courtyard. Visitors to the market learn about culture as well as enjoy the ancient beauty of temples and pagodas.

6. Bich La market in Quang Tri province
The market has been in existence for hundreds of years as a traditional culture of the people in Trieu Phong district. The market gathers on the night of 2nd Lunar January, buyers and sellers come here for good luck, there is no bargaining. The things for sale at the market are only local products like areca betel nuts, salt, tea, sugarcane ..., pray for a blessed year, many fortune.

7. Go market in Binh Dinh province.
People go to Go market to trade local products and take the opportunity to meet in early Spring. Unlike other markets, Go market meets on the 1st day of Tet every year, it is organized like a festival, a place to exchange original culture of martial land Binh Dinh. Goods at the market are just fish or vegetables or fruits grown at home and the market is a good excuse for people to meet and wish a happy new year to each other.

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