Spratly islands of Vietnam

Spratly (Truong Sa) islands of Vietnam

The Spratly Islands are located in the southeastern Vietnam, including a group of more than 100 islands, reefs and atolls scattered from the west to the east about nearly 350 sea miles wide, and from the north to the south about over 360 sea miles. The nearest island is the Truong Sa Island, which is about 250 sea miles from the Cam Ranh Port of Khanh Hoa Province.

In the Truong Sa archipelago, there are many such islands which are inhabited. For example, Đá Nam, Đá Lớn, Thuyền Chài, Cô Lin, Len Đao, Tiên Nữ, Núy Le, Tốc Tan, Đá Dông, Đá Tây, Đá Lát and Đá Thị. On each of them stand a few little houses, small but solid and resistant to strong winds with a living room, a kitchen, a meeting room, a gym and a few bedrooms. These islands are connected by bridges whose names are taken from bridges in the soldiers’ native villages

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