Visit 5 Largest National Parks In Vietnam

Visit 5 Largest National Parks In Vietnam

You love nature, love the animals and flowers and wonder where in Vietnam should you go in order to stay away from the busy and hectic cities and induIge yourself in the green of nature? In this article I will introduce to you 5 largest national parks in Vietnam.

1 - Cuc Phuong National Park
Located in all 3 provinces of Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh and Thanh Hoa, Cuc Phuong is the first national nature conservation garden in Vietnam built around the end of 1962. With diverse flora and fauna, the garden Cuc Phuong country in Ninh Binh has the largest area with about 11,000 hectares. As a natural complex combining plants, animals and parks, artificial lakes with streams and waterfalls, Cuc Phuong National Park gives visitors a feeling of excitement right from the first time they set foot, private Vietnam tour.
Cuc Phuong National Park
The days of spring are over, signaling that the hot summer is coming, Cuc Phuong National Park is whispering green trees all year round, calm water is definitely a destination for relaxation and sightseeing that any visitor wants to visit once. The most suitable tourist season for Cuc Phuong is the dry season, from December to April next year. Especially, similar to Halong Bay, coming to Cuc Phuong National Park you can experience the feeling of adventure kayaking to explore all the caves.

For young people who are passionate about discovering the lives of animals, the primate rescue center is an ideal destination when visiting Cuc Phuong National Park. In addition, other landmarks located in the garden area such as Mac lake, May Bac peak, Muong village, ancient Cho tree, etc. are also worthy stops to consider.

2 - Cat Tien National Park
Like Cuc Phuong National Park, Cat Tien spreads its name in 5 districts corresponding to 3 provinces of Lam Dong, Binh Phuoc and Dong Nai. With its area and flora and fauna, Cat Tien National Park in Binh Phuoc and Dong Nai is probably the most attractive destination and is often referred to as Nam Cat Tien National Park to distinguish it. Nam Cat Tien is also the largest national park in the Southeast with Bau Sau eco-tourism area - crocodile swamp located right in the garden.
Cat Tien National Park
Recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve of the world with more than 1000 species of animals and plants, Cat Tien National Park is an ideal destination for those who love the green color and purity that nature offers. Similar to Cuc Phuong garden, the most suitable time to visit Cat Tien garden is in the dry season, from late November to early April next year. At this time, the lake is clear blue and the weather is cool and dry, there is no scene of the roads being muddy and wet because of heavy rain and long days.

However, if you want to see the world of butterflies and the dance of butterflies, especially for paparazzi, the rainy season is a great time to start the journey to conquer Nam Cat Tien National Park. The stop named tropical butterfly system at Vinh Cuu nature reserve in Cat Tien garden will surely satisfy tourists. Animal lovers and curious about natural life also have another option is Bau Sau - which is known as the crocodile kingdom of the Southeast region. You can row a boat from the Ranger House wharf and float among the crocodile lagoon to test your liver.

3 - Yok Don National Park
Yok Don National Park
Going up to the sunny and windy Central Highlands famous for its immense coffee fields, you will set foot on the territory of 2 provinces of Dak Lak and Dak Nong to visit another place without coffee - the Yok Don national park. The place is famous and goes into poetry with dipterocarp forests all year round wearing a carpet of dry yellow leaves. In addition to the dipterocarp forest, Yok Don also has a vast rubber forest famous in romantic "shots".

4 - Con Dao National Park
Besides famous attractions such as Ho Coc - Ho Tram in Xuyen Moc or romantic Vung Tau beach, Ba Ria Vung Tau is still attractive to visitors because of its vast green destination in the summer days, Con Dao National Park. If Cuc Phuong and Cat Tien give us a feeling of diversity and richness of plant species, Con Dao National Park brings a sense of colorfulness and countless shades and shapes of underwater animals, especially coral reefs and sea turtles.
Con Dao National Park
Besides terrestrial animals, Con Dao National Park attracts visitors by the above-mentioned rare aquatic animals. In addition, the garden is also a habitat and breeding ground for blue whales and dugongs. Coming here, you will admire the birth defects of sea turtles that are not found everywhere. In addition to Con Dao and Cat Tien, the Southeast region also owns many other large national parks such as Bu Gia Map and Lo Go - Xa Mat.

5 - Tam Nong Tram Chim National Park
Tam Nong Tram Chim National Park
Leaving Con Dao and move a few more kilometers to the West of the Mekong delta, you will admire the Tam Nong Tram Chim National Park in Dong Thap province. Characterized by the Southwest region, the national park is famous for the diversity and abundance of cranes as well as storks, especially the rare red-crowned crane. Besides Tram Chim Tam Nong, U Minh Ha - U Minh Thuong national parks, Phu Quoc and Ca Mau are also national parks chosen by many tourists for their trip to nature.

Although ecotourism is not a new type, in recent years, it has received the attention of the majority of tourists. Starting from the purpose of finding a really fresh and peaceful exploration environment to regain energy after stressful working and studying days, we hope 5 suggestions about the largest national park in Vietnam from North to South will help you get the most suitable choice for your trip with friends.