Visit Quat Lam beach, detailed information and tips

Visit Quat Lam beach, detailed information and tips

Pocketing some experience for a trip to Quat Lam beach in Nam Dinh: What to eat, where to sleep, things to do...will help you have the most complete trip to Quat Lam beach without being surprised even when you come here for the first time.

Located in north Vietnam, Nam Dinh province has some beautiful beaches, if Hai Hau district is famous for beautiful Hai Thinh beach, Giao Thuy district is no less famous for Quat Lam beach with fresh and famous seafood market. Every summer, or on weekends, Quat Lam beach in Nam Dinh becomes more crowded and bustling because vacationers flock here. That's why, when it comes to Nam Dinh tourism, swimming in the sea is a fun activity that is most expected by many young people. And if this summer, you intend to visit Quat Lam beach, then with experience that we reveal below will be a quality guide to help you enjoy the beach freely without getting surprised.

Quat Lam beach in Nam Dinh
A brief introduction about Quat Lam beach
Quat Lam beach is also known to many people with the luxurious name "Quat Lam beach resort" - one of the extremely famous beaches of Nam Dinh province. Quat Lam beach belongs to Giao Thuy district and this beach has been open to welcome tourists since 1997. With the distance from Hanoi to Quat Lam - Giao Thuy is 120km, so many tourists especially young people who love to experience and explore the beautiful scenery of the countryside, most choose to travel by motorbike, private Vietnam tours.
Quat Lam beach
According to annual statistics, visitors to Quat Lam beach amount to nearly 100,000 visitors. Therefore, beach break tourism in Quat Lam is more bustling and followed by the economic life of coastal residents growing more and more.

Quat Lam beach travel experience: Best time to go
At any time of the year you can go to Quat Lam, Giao Thuy to visit and travel. Because each season is different, Quat Lam will bring different colors. However, according to my own experience , the most beautiful and fun time that tourists should visit is the summer from May to September. Because the summer in the North is quite hot. It's hot, so the solution to cool off in the summer is to go to "sea paradise" to participate in swimming activities, soak in the cool, clear water, enjoy the atmosphere of the countryside. Peaceful, airy and enjoying fresh seafood here is nothing better.
Quat Lam beach in Nam Dinh
Moreover, every year on the occasion of April 30 - May 1, Quat Lam organizes the program "The call of Quat Lam sea" with many unique entertainment activities taking place to stir up a sea tourism season. in a useful year and create a connection of all visitors closer together.

Means of transportation to Quat Lam beach
Quat Lam Beach is more than 120km from Hanoi capital, so the best way for visitors to come here can be chosen in one of the following two forms:

Quat Lam beach - How to get there
By car or motorbike
If you want to explore the peaceful countryside roads, you can go to Quat Lam and Giao Thuy beaches by motorbike or car along the highway from Hanoi - Ninh Binh with a total distance of about 60km. Then when you come to Phu Ly town of Ninh Binh province, you see a signpost about Nam Dinh city with a total length of more than 30km. From Nam Dinh city, go through Do Quan bridge and go straight to Giao Thuy to get to Quat Lam beach. You can use Google Map to locate Quat Lam more easily.
Quat Lam beach - How to get there
Take a bus
For those who are not familiar with the road, the best way is to take a bus to Quat Lam. From My Dinh bus station, or Giap Bat bus station, there are many bus operators from Hanoi - Quat Lam with fares from 100.000 VND to 150.000 VND / 1 person / 1 way.

Sleeping at Quat Lam beach
Coming to Quat Lam, there are countless motels and budget hotels for visitors to choose from. However, if you come to Quat Lam in the high season, from my experience, you should book a room in advance to avoid the situation of full booking. Here are some motels and hotels you can consider:

Minh Hanh III Hotel: Tel: 0350.3747747; number of rooms: 42
Saigon Hotel: Tel: 0350.3747612; number of rooms: 40
Hai Duong Hotel: Tel: 0350.37747989; number of rooms: 28
Truong Cuu Hotel: Tel: 0350.3893192; number of rooms: 16
Minh Hong III Hotel: Tel: 0350.3893162; number of rooms: 45
Minh Hong II Hotel: Tel: 0350.3893467; number of rooms: 9
Anh Duong Hotel: Tel: 0350.3748818; number of rooms: 27
Minh Hanh Hostel: Tel: 0350.389318; number of rooms: 50
Phuong Dung Hostel: Tel: 0350.3508437; number of rooms: 14
Trung Kien Hostel: Tel: 0350.3893123; number of rooms: 24

Things to do at Quat Lam and Giao Thuy beaches
1 - Swimming in the sea
You are going to Quat Lam beach, surely swimming will be the main fun activity. Because the waves at Quat Lam are quite big and strong, to ensure their own safety, visitors should comply with the safety regulations of the beach management board. For young children swimming in the sea, remember to wear a life jacket.

2 - Explore the seafood market in Quat Lam
Many tourists come here, in addition to swimming, one of their favorite attractions is the seafood market. Seafood at Quat Lam is very diverse and rich with many fresh varieties that will be in abundance for visitors to check prices and choose to buy as gifts.
seafood market in Quat Lam
3 - Visiting the church
Nam Dinh in general and Quat Lam in particular is a place where Catholics are very crowded. Therefore, most of the church architecture here are built by the French with a very unique architecture. And you can visit some famous churches like Sa Chau holy temple. Or visitors can also visit the unique ancient temples classified as historical and cultural relics right in the center of Quat Lam town, 1.5km from the beach.
Sa Chau holy temple Nam Dinh
4 - Experience how to make salt
Besides, you can visit and experience the Bach Long salt field in the early morning or evening. Because this is the best time for you to own beautiful pictures of rural paintings and also the best time frame to follow how to make and harvest the pure white salt grains.

5 - Visit Xuan Thuy National Park
This place is considered as "the platform of international migratory birds" with more than 200 species, of which nearly 50 species of water birds and more than 100 species of migratory birds.
Xuan Thuy National Park
What to eat when traveling to Quat Lam beach?
As a seaside place, seafood is the dish that you should enjoy such as: mantis shrimp, clams, crabs, snail nails, squid. Further revealing to you that besides seafood, there are 2 specialties that you should enjoy when you return to Quat Lam which are Giao Thuy spring rolls and Binh Ri wine.
Eating in Quat Lam beach
Notes when traveling to Quat Lam beach
- To ensure the safety of tourists and children, everyone remember to wear a life jacket or swimwear and only swim in the safe area because this sea has a lot of extremely dangerous quicksand.
- If you want to buy seafood as a gift, go to the seafood market to buy it and remember to bargain the price.
- If you want to eat cheap and delicious, you should choose the restaurants inside with cheaper prices and better service.

Hopefully, with the Quat Lam beach experiences that I am sharing above will bring you a lot of useful and interesting information. And if you have the opportunity to travel to Nam Dinh province, please visit Quat Lam beach!.