Vietnam Biking and Motorcycling Tours
Vietnam Country Roads

Vietnam Biking and Motorcycling Tours

Vietnam Biking and Motorcycling Tours include Vietnam adventures by bike or by motorcycle through the countryside back roads or the stubborn dirt tracks in the remote mountains of the country. It could be an easy ride through a scenic region, it could offer unexpected encounters...and it could be a real adventure experience which is definitely not suitable to everyone...Our adventure experts are always available to assist you with further information and help you to choose the most suitable adventure and with necessary preparations for the pending challenges.

Biking the Red River Delta

Vegetable farm out of Ha NoiDepartures: Starting at 08:00 A.M every Sunday at your hotel in Ha Noi!
Length of the adventure: One full day (08:00 A.M – 05:30 P.M)
Grade: Hard Adventure!
Biking the Red River Delta is a one-day adventure tour to discover Vietnam slowly  by bicycle. We'll be traveling through the hidden gems of Vietnam: the century-old temples and pagodas, the tranquil and leafy countryside, the traditional villages with authentic life style, unexpected and surprising encounters...

Vietnam Country Roads Cycling

Cycling amid flowers

Vietnam Country Roads is one of Private Vietnam Tours's cycling tours through Vietnam from the north to the south with leisurely pace. The tour is designed for our travellers to approach Vietnam from an innovative angle. Much of the cycling is done in the countryside of the flat terrain. The tour doesn't involve mountain-biking. The cycling part is done in the countryside back roads where  there's not much traffic.

Northern Vietnam Remote Mountains Motorcycling

Black Hmong girl

The Far North of Vietnam is characterized with rugged mountains, deep ravines and evergreen forests. The region is inhabited by various ethnic minorities, of which many retain a very traditional lifestyle, some live separately from the mainstream society. The local conditions are relatively poor for regular travellers, but for our adventure travellers the rewards are enormous.