Chau Doc
Life by the Mekong River

Chau Doc


Chau Doc is an idyllic riverine town located close to the Cambodian border and inhabited by the communities of Kinh, Cham, Khmer and Chinese. There are numerous pagodas in Chau Doc which have Chinese and Hindu influence and which are colorfully painted.

Traveling in Chau Doc you can take a boat trip just off the town center to visit the floating communities of the Cham who raise fish in cages underneath their house. The Sam Mountain which is close to the town offers stunning sunset vistas over Cambodia and the surrounding countryside.  

For the adventure travelers and the nature seeking travellers you can take an eco tour of the cajeput forests or you can visit the site where 3,000 civilians were massacred by the Khmer Rouge in 1978.

Chau Doc is at the leaping off point of the waterway between Vietnam and Cambodia. Some travellers may want to relax in Chau Doc for a couple of nights before continuing to Phnom Penh or Ho Chi Minh City.

Travel and Tours
Chau Doc is a border town and it offers the travellers a relaxing experience. You drive to Sam mountain (preferably in late afternoon) and enjoy a stunning view of sunset over Cambodia. There's a Cham community who live on the water just off the town center. A visit to this community by boat is highly recommended.

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Accommodation in Chau Doc ranges from standard hotels to luxurious 4 star hotels. It's best to book accommodation at a riverside hotel which offers you fabulous countryside experience.

Getting there and away
Chau Doc is 245 km from Ho Chi Minh City and 116km from Can Tho and 127km from Vinh Long. Between Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh City, Vinh Long, Chau Doc you can travel by road or by waterway. You can also travel directly to Phnom Penh, Cambodia from Chau Doc. The boat trip is 5 hours.