Ha Tay
Thuy Dinh at Thay Pagoda in Ha Tay

Ha Tay

From August 2008, Ha Tay has been integrated into Ha Noi, so there's no province officially called Ha Tay in Vietnam now. Private Vietnam Tours still retains this travel guide section to make it less confusing for our travellers.

Ha Tay is one of the biggest provinces of Vietnam with its area virtually surrounding Ha Noi. The capital town of Ha Tay Province is Ha Dong Town which from the 11th century has been famous for the fine silk. Visit Van Phuc Village in Ha Dong now you can still sample of the fine silk of this area.

Besides Ha Tay offers many handicraft villages such as woodcarving, embroidery, conical hat making, birdcage-making, lacquerware-making...Ha Tay is also home to the best preserved old villages in Vietnam.

Ha Tay is also known for its many old pagodas which dated back from the 12-17th centuries of which the Perfume Pagoda is known as the most popular pilgrimage place for the Vietnamese Buddhists.


Golden crop - Ha Tay Vietnam



Ha Tay Tourist Attractions
The Perfume Pagoda: please refer to our Perfume Pagoda for more details.

Tay Phuong Pagoda was built from the 17th century representing the Buddhist Philosophy. Visiting the pagoda, you'll have to climb steps to the top of the hill where the main pagodas are located. Tay Phuong Pagoda is famous for the set of 18 Arhart Statues.


Tay Phuong Pagoda
Tay Phuong Pagoda Guard



Tram Gian Pagoda is built amid trees and supposedly it had 100 rooms when it was built in the 17th century. Visiting the pagoda you'll get relaxed amid the trees and tranquil settings.


Tram Gian Pagoda



Duyen Thai Lacquerware Village specializes in making lacquerwares such as lacquered furniture, lacquer paintings, lacquer housewares... Visiting the village you'll learn a lot about the proccess of making lacquerwares, you can also purchase lacquer gifts for your beloved ones.

From Ha Noi you can start with the tour of Van Phuc Silk Village with the fine silk of the region. Then we continue the tour onto Duyen Thai lacquerware village where a lot of Vietnamese traditional lacquerwares are made and exported. The tour continues onto Tram Gian Pagoda where we'll get into the tranquility of the Buddhist World and have mid day break.

In the afternoon, we'll visit the Thay Pagoda and the Tay Phuong Pagoda which are 02 of the best pagodas in Vietnam.

Private Vietnam Tours offers tours to Ha Tay using motorbike or bicycle or by car upon the guest' requests. While by motorbike we can explore more of the countryside; traveling by bicycle is very relaxing, and traveling by car offers comforts.