North East
Cao Bang Vietnam

North East

The North East of Vietnam includes the provinces of Thai Nguyen, Tuyen Quang, Bac Can, Cao Bang, Lang Son and Quang Ninh. The North East of Vietnam is characterized by towering mountains, lakes, waterfalls, national parks and green forests.

The North East of Vietnam is home to many ethnic minorities such as the Tay, the Thai, the Muong, the name a few.

The North East of Vietnam, except for Ha Long Bay, is still off the tourist path.

Tourist Attractions in the North East of Vietnam
Ha Long Bay offers some 3,000 islands rising out of the East Vietnam Sea in the Gulf of Tonkin. This is listed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO

Nhi Thanh and Tam Thanh Caves located on the edge of Lang Son Town, on the Chinese border. These 2 caves attract thousands of Vietnamese visitors each year.

Tan Trao was the base of the Vietnamese revolution against the French in the 1940s. This area is 30km from Tuyen Quang Town.

Ba Be National Park with the elevation ranging from 150-m to 1098-m above the sea level, with the biggest lake in northeastern Vietnam and with untouched forests, it offers relaxing or adventurous tours and getaways.


Puong Cave - Ba Be Lake - Vietnam
Puong Cave - Ba Be Lake - Vietnam


Pac Po Cave was where Ho Chi Minh lived and conducted the war against the French in early 1940. The area has nice nature settings and you can learn a lot about this most reverered man of Vietnam. Pac Po is 40km from Cao Bang Town.

Ban Gioc Waterfall cascading down the vast valley from green mountains. The waterfall is right on the border between Vietnam and China. Ban Gioc Waterfall is about 136 km far from Cao Bang. The road from Cao Bang Town to Ban Gioc offers stunning nature scenery.

Travel and Tours
The North East of Vietnam is ideal for sightseeing relaxing tours, nature tours, cuture tours, adventure tours such as trekking, hiking, mountain biking or white-water rafting...

From Ha Noi, you can join Private Vietnam Tours on a relaxing tour, discovery tour or adventure tour of the North East of Vietnam for 3-8 days.

There are many hotels of poor facilities in different towns of the North East of Vietnam since there's a lack in the number of travelers in the region.

Staying with an ethnic family in their simple house is an option. Conditions are limited and poor, but the experience is just sensational and cozy. This is also the choice when taking a trekking adventure or biking adventure with Private Vietnam Tours.

Getting there and away
From Ha Noi to Thai Nguyen you can travel either by road or by train. The train is for the local and has hard-seat and open-air-conditioning only.

For other areas in the North East of Vietnam, the only choice for the travelers is by road. You can hire your own car or van for exploring this region completely in 4-5 days. Otherwise you can hop onto many local buses from My Dinh Bus Station which is 20km from Ha Noi City Center.

Getting around
On foot: Trekking the mountains of the North East of Vietnam is quite a fun experience. Private Vietnam Tours offers upto 6 day trekking through different hill tribe villages of this area.

By Motorbike: You can hire a motorbike for the adventure in the North East of Vietnam or join Private Vietnam Tours for the unbeaten roads in this area. Some parts of the tour involve staying at local ethnic homes with very poor conditions.