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Mai Chau Trekking

Vietnam Trekking Tours

Vietnam Trekking Tours is dedicated to the adventure travellers who would like to get lost amid the wild nature of Vietnam or amid the traditional culture of the high mountain dwellers who live their life separately from the mainstream society and whose life has been unchanged for centuries...Fitness, special love for adventure, wild nature and culture and capabilities to stay in basic conditions are required for the travellers who like to participate in theses adventure tours.

Trekking the Hidden Trails of Ba Be and Cao Bang

Ban Gioc Waterfall

The North Eastern region of Viet Nam is still relatively less touristic compared other regions of the country. Trekking in Ba Be and Cao Bang is probably for our adventure travellers who would like to stray from the too well-beaten-paths. The adventure takes you to the most remote villages inhabited by ethnic minorities of color. All meals are prepared by our chef. Because of climate and geography, the best time to make the trip only from September to April: It is not possible during the rainy season.

Sapa Hilltribe Trekking Adventure Tour

Sa Pa Valley

Sapa Hilll Tribe Trekking Adventure Tour is an adventure tour with hard grade of trekking, hiking and homestaying. The terrain may be steep and sliperry sometimes. This trekking tour brings our adventure travelers through the mesmerizing beauty of Muong Hoa Valley of Sapa Town through different hill tribe groups inhabiting the area. We’ll trek for over 10 hours a day.

Mai Chau Hilltribe Trekking Adventure Tour

Hang Kia Mai Chau Trekking

Mai Chau Hill Tribe Trekking is an adventure tour through the north western mountains of Vietnam in Hoa Binh Province. We’ll travel through some forests and mountains, trek through many hill tribe villages. The tour pace is hard adventure and the accommodation is homestay with very basic facilities. All our meals on the trekking tour are cooked by our local adventure cook.

Beyond The Mountains of Sapa

Sapa Mountains

The tour brings you to visit the off-the-mainstream communities who live their live on the other side of the mountains of Sapa. The trekking tour brings you beyond the mountains of Sa Pa Town to the communities where time is dictated by cock crow, by pig screams and the music of jungles. This region offers breathtaking scenery and is home to many hill tribe communities who still maintain their customs and traditions for centuries.

Conquer Mount Fan Si Pan - The Summit of Indochina

Sapa Terraces

Mount Fan Si Pan 3143m elevation is the peak of Indochina. Let's join Private Vietnam Tours on an adventure of a life time to conquer this daunting job. The tour involves hiking, trekking, mountain climbing. The travelers and adventurers need to have good health for sure. We start from Sapa town and stay in camps in the mdle of nowhere on our way up to the summit.